Hey everyone!

I'm Richard Geoghegan.
Welcome to richardg.tech!

Here's a picture of me:

Dirty blonde in a field

My Projects:

I sent myself to space, well kind of...

I won £500 to send a weather balloon into the stratosphere through the Mark Evison Award. This was an amazing experience and more details can be found here.

I restored a 3D printer!

In 2020, I got an old broken Solidoodle 3 from Freecycle. I have since been restoring and upgrading it. It has been a great experience and it now prints worderfully!

I automated my blinds.

Do you struggle to get up in the mornings? Well I do and I tried to solve this by automating my blinds so there is natural light in my room before I wake up. This project is based on an ESP32 controlling a NEMA17 Stepper motor and I can control the blinds through a web interface on my phone. It is a work in progress and I'll update this page with the designs when I am finished.

More about me

Hi again, I'm Richard. I am a 17 year old maker from the United Kingdom. I like to code, create and inspire others to do the same.

I have been creating this website from scratch using the Bootstrap 5 CSS framework. I could use a template but I prefer the freedom that writing a webpage in code gives me. My aim is to build up a digital portfolio of guides on the various projects I build. I hope you find something useful!

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